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Lendbox introduces very low risk alternative investments

For safer investments and better returns, start alternate investments with Lendbox

Fulfil your short term or long term investment goals with Lendbox alternate investments, an option with better returns, flexible tenures and sweat-free risk. Lendbox is a pioneer in lending industry with over 25,000 registered investors and near ₹50 crore investment. Register now for free to learn more.

  • Start investing with just ₹10,000

  • Earn up to 18% in returns

  • Zero risk options available

  • RBI registered NBFC-P2P lending company


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RBI Certified NBFC - P2P Lending Platform

Lendbox is an RBI registered NBFC-P2P Lending Company that operates in compliance with guidelines issued by the RBI. In a recent landmark decision, RBI has increased the aggregate P2P exposure of a lender from ₹10 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs. Read more

Here's what Lendbox alternative investments have for you

Lower Risk

Find the right investment as per your risk appetite.With options starting with zero risk, you can diversify your investments across multiple categories.

Higher Returns

With Lendbox, you can earn better returns than most traditional investment options. Interest rates at Lendbox goes up to 18% depending on the risk appetite.

Flexible Tenures

Starting at just 3 months, you can choose your own investment tenures. Lendbox gives you complete democracy to make your own decisions.

What are Lendbox alternate investments?

Unlock the power of Alternative Investments

By partnering with multiple leading fin-tech companies in India, Lendbox has launched Alternate Investments, a group of investment options that are associated with very low risk and returns higher than traditional safe investment options such as FD's..

What makes Alternate Investments an ideal investment choice?

Unlike traditional unsecured lending, for Alternative Investments, Lendbox has partnered strategically with third-party platforms that act as guarantors of the invested principal. This ensures no loss of the invested money, hence, making it an ideal investment option for people who prefer less risky investment options and those who are new to the investment space. With numerous great options at your disposal, asset diversification is extremely easy and lets you earn greater returns at relatively lower risk. Register for free to learn the mechanics of the Alternate Investments.


Rate of Interest - Up to 18%

Tenure starting from just 3 months

Monthly interest payments and principal + interest on maturity

Starting From Zero Risk (Settlement Guaranteed By Partner)

Highly liquid - can be liquidated at one-month notice

100% transpareny and maximum control

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A transparent, convenient and seamless system where creditworthy borrowers would be able to transact on short to medium term personal loans through individual or institutional investors.

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