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Small Loans from ₹1000 to ₹1,00,000
Loan tenure 1 to 12 Months
Same Day Loan Approval and Disbursal
No Collateral Required

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How Does It Work?

Getting a small personal loan from Lendbox is very easy, 100% hassle-free and fast, with same day loan approval and disbursement.

How Can A Small Loan Help You?

A small personal loan from Lendbox can help you take care of your urgent credit needs without having to wait for your salary. From buying the latest smartphone to paying your credit card bills, a small personal loan can help you keep your financial status healthy.

Feature One

What is a Small Loan?

Small personal loan is a small loan ranging from ₹1000 to ₹1,00,000 taken for a relatively shorter period of time as compared to average loan tenures (usually for a year). It is mainly granted for fulfilling sudden, unexpected small cash requirements or managing cash flows during temporary shortage of funds.

Why choose Lendbox as your Small Loan partner?

Lendbox is relatively faster and cheaper than many other financial institutions. With the use of big data analytics, Lendbox has created a robust credit assessment procedure, giving a fair chance to every loan applicant to prove his/her creditworthiness on a more accurate and richer scale rather than just on the basis of the credit score. Below are some features that a borrower can experience with Lendbox.

  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Completely Online Process
  • No Pre-closure Charges
  • Same day approval and disbursal
  • 100% Transparency
  • Proactive Customer Support

Interested to take a small personal loan from Lendbox for a short period? If yes, then simply click on the "Apply Now" button below, fill the application form with accurate details and upload the required documents. You'll soon get a reply from our team.

Feature Two

Lendbox is a platform for people with non-traditional approach to borrowing, which ultimately results in lower interest rates on the financing amount. All borrowers on Lendbox must meet the following criteria to be eligible to be listed on our platform:

  • You must be an Indian Resident
  • You must be older than 21 years old
  • You must have a valid Indian ID proof
  • You must have a valid Indian bank account
  • You must have a minimum monthly net income of 15,000

When a prospective borrower does not meet the standards listed above, the borrower can't be a part of Lendbox, unless specified by Lendbox in a written legal agreement.

Required Documents (Documents with * are mandatory)
Photographs Yes
Identity Proof (any one of the following) PAN Card*, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport
Date of Birth Proof (any one of the following) PAN Card, Passport
Signature Proof (any one of the following) PAN Card, Signature verification from your bank, Passport
Address Proof (any one of the following) Passport, Bank Statement, Voter ID
Contact Proof (any one of the following) Post paid Mobile Bill (last month), Post paid Landline Bill (last month)
Bank Statements* Last 6 months
Proof of Income Salary Slips/Certificates

Feature Three

    Getting a loan largely depends on your capacity to pay. At Lendbox, you can interact with investors and put forward a clear and concise image of your creditworthiness. It is advised that you as borrowers share as much information as you deem appropriate to make your listing more effective so that more and more investors offer you loans. No information is shared with third party agencies and limited visibility of information is restricted to registered investors only.

  • Provide complete and genuine details about yourself
  • Provide complete and authentic information including details such as financial status, achievements, hobbies, background, work, past track record and ability to repay loan. We also advise you to verify your mobile numbers, your social media accounts. This information might not be visible to the Investor but he will definitely get to know that these details are verified by Lendbox. This will help investors make favorable decisions to invest in you.

  • Explain purpose of loan clearly
  • It is important to explain the purpose of loan in the loan application. Investors take different purposes of loan in different sense and on the basis of it, propose a rate of interest. Explain in detail the financial capability to pay off EMIs and supporting information such as income, savings, expenses and credit history (credit cards and other bills' payments).

  • Be an active negotiator when receiving proposals from prospective investors

Feature Four

    Disbursals and repayments for a loan through Lendbox can be done through various channels. All payment modes recognized by the RBI such as Cheques, NEFT, IMPS, Bank transfers, Cash Cards, Mobile wallets etc. can be availed.

    The monthly installments you pay are not inclusive of fees paid to Lendbox. Monthly installments of Borrowers are defined as per the rate of interest settled between the investors and the borrowers. The EMI is directly given to the investors and Lendbox just acts as a facilitator for the installments if the investor requests us to do so.

  • Lendbox's Fees
  • We charge a onetime non-refundable listing fee of Rs. 500 from the borrower at the time of listing.

    Lendbox can act as a facilitator of EMIs. The EMI you pay does not include any payments made to us. Your EMI is decided between you and the investors, and your repayment are made directly to them.

    The below mentioned processing fee structure would be applicable upon disbursement of loan request:

    Interest Rate Disbursement Fees
    16% or less 2% of Loan Amount or 2000 whichever is higher
    16.25% to 21% 3% of Loan Amount or 3000 whichever is higher
    21.25% to 25% 4% of Loan Amount or 4000 whichever is higher
    25.25% to 28% 5% of Loan Amount or 1000 whichever is higher
    Above 28% 6% of Loan Amount or 6000 whichever is higher
  • Pre-payment of Loan
  • You can choose to make a prepayment of the entire loan amount without any penalty/ prepayment charges, pre-closure charges etc, however this has to be agreed in advance between the borrower and their respective investors.

  • Non-Payment
  • In case you do not pay the EMI by the due date, Rs. 250 bounce charge and additional penal interest of 2% p.m. will be applied to the due amount for the duration of delay which you will be liable to pay to your Investor(s). In addition to that, Lendbox will charge a processing charge of Rs. 500.

    It is advised to not change the bank account details from which you intend to make the repayment. However, we do not prevent you from doing so but only charge a nominal Rs.500 for any such account swap during an ongoing loan repayment process.

  • Rate of Interest
  • The better deal you are able to strike with the investors the lower will be your interest rate.

    Since, you will be receiving a loan from multiple investors, your interest rate will be a weighted average of the individual loan parts.

  • Refund Policy
  • The eligibility of being a borrower is determined by your intention and ability to repay the loan amount. Lendbox reserves the right of selecting the borrowers suitable for listing on its website. All borrower applications are subject to stringent verification by the Lendbox's risk management team and in case an application is not found suitable then Lendbox reserves the right to partially refund the listing fees paid by you and terminate your loan application.

    In case a loan application is rejected prior to listing on the Lendbox portal then Lendbox will refund Rs.1000 to the applicant and provide the following services:

    1. An opportunity to register on the website and explore the platform.

    2. A detailed individual credit analysis report with exact reasons for declining loan application.

    Interest Rate (Min and Max) Loan Amount Loan Tenure Registeration Fees Processing Fees
    12 - 36% Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1,00,000 1-12 Months Rs 500 2-6% + Applicable Service Tax

    For example, If a person is borrowing Rs 50,000 at 18.0% APR and repaying over 6 months with 2% one time processing fees, the monthly repayments of Rs 8,776/- will need to be paid with one time processing fee of Rs 1,000/-, and the total amount that would need to be repaid will be Rs 53,657/-

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