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With P2P lending, you can avail quick personal loans or lend money online to earn great returns. Lendbox is India's leading peer to peer lending marketplace that connects high quality creditworthy borrowers with smart lenders online.

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RBI Certified NBFC - P2P Lending Platform

Lendbox NBFC-P2P License  

Lendbox is an RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) registered NBFC-P2P Lending Company and operates adhere to RBI released guidelines for peer to peer lending to provide a hassle-free borrowing and lending experience.

How Peer To Peer Lending Can Help You?

A peer to peer lending platform connects credit seeking individuals with lenders willing to multiply their surplus wealth. Lendbox has been trusted by doctors, engineers, businessmen and many more for their investing and financing needs.

higher ROI investment

Want to invest

  • Earn higher interest returns on your investments as much as 36%
  • Invest as low as Rs. 10,000 in multiple verified & creditworthy borrowers
  • Earn monthly returns and without any hidden charges
unsecured personal loan

Need a loan

  • Save more with low interest rates as low as 12%
  • Hassle free borrowing process, interact with investors directly
  • Avail small loans Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 without any hidden charges

Why you should invest in p2p lending?

Lendbox makes money lending much more safe, easy and rewarding in India. With p2p lending, you can create a seamless passive income stream with regular monthly repayments. We operate with a mission of keeping our costs low compared to traditional financial institutions by cutting out the middleman and pass all of the the savings directly to our investors who get high returns and borrowers who are charged low interest rates.

p2p lending verification
Strong Borrower Screening

Every borrower at Lendbox goes through a strong screening process of over 200 data points verified by experienced underwriting professionals.

higher return investment
Higher Returns

With P2P lending, you can earn better returns than most traditional investment options. Interest rates at Lendbox range between 12%-36% depending on the risk appetite.

p2p lending with better ROI
Increase Your Potential earnings

Create passive income with regular monthly repayments as borrowers pay back with EMI's

How to invest in P2P Lending?

Peer to peer lending or p2p lending is a great alternative investing platform. It is easy to understand and more rewarding than traditional investment options. Over 10,000 investors actively use Lendbox to grow their savings.

Simply register with your basic KYC details for free and pay a small activation fee of Rs.500 to get access to our huge pool of verified credit-worthy borrowers and diversify your investment across various categories and start getting repayments with EMI's from the very next month.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

Lendbox has simplified the process of lending and borrowing. It also gives you complete control of lending and borrowing at your own terms

1. Register

2. KYC as per RBI Guidelines

3. Lendbox Verification

4. Start Bidding or Reaching out to Investors

5. Loan Disbursement

What Is Peer To Peer Lending?

Peer to peer lending or P2P Lending, is the practice of borrowing and lending money directly through an online platform like Lendbox, making it affordable to get loans online compared to banks. Through peer to peer lending, Lendbox is poised to change the way India lends and borrows.

At your discretion, you select the people you want to invest in or get a loan from. At Lendbox, you have the power to choose your terms and enjoy complete transparency.

I belong to Delhi and I invested Rs. 35,000 in A. Sindhu who is based in Mumbai. Lendbox made this possible in the most seemless way.

@Y. Agarwal, New Delhi

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NASSCOM Emerge 50 2016

Lendbox is one of India's top 50 emerging companies as per NASSCOM for Start-ups

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IBM SmartCamp

Lendbox is one of the top 10 companies chosen to present at the IBM SmartCamp for Fintech

More than 110,000 users are actively using Lendbox. We look at more than just your credit score. Our mission is to get every creditworthy borrower access to cheap and easy finance.

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