How it works

What is Lendbox?

In this growing global market getting in touch with potential investors and borrowers is challenging and this is where Lendbox comes into play.

LENDBOX is an online marketplace where potential Investors and pre-verified, creditworthy borrowers connect and pursue bilateral transactions. Lendbox helps strike deals amongst the Investors and the borrowers and also help in repayment.

Registering with Lendbox

Any resident Indian above 21 years age can register with Lendbox. Registration happens after thorough verification by obtaining KYC data to the best of Lendbox's capabilities, hence, assuring authentic and safe dealings.CONTACT USCONTACT US now to get started.

How transactions strike at Lendbox?

Once registered with Lendbox, borrowers and investors can send proposals to each other along with some basic information such as reason, amount, preferred interest rate, tenure etc. The receiver of proposal can either Accept, Reject, Re-negotiate or send a counter proposal. Both borrowers and Investors are allowed to strike multiple deals at one point of time.

The whole procedure is discreet and without any intervention from us. The parties sign a formal contract after the agreement is made for amount and interest rate for same, between the investor and borrower, followed by transfer of fund to borrower's bank account.

The EMI for repayment can be made and tracked via us along with other regular modes, such as, post-dated cheques, electronic transfers via NEFT, netbanking, Auto Debits etc.


LENDBOX does not play any role in any of the bilateral transactions; we only charge a service fee for our services. To know more CONTACT US.

We verify each and every member at the time of registration, either as an investor or borrower. This ensures that the information that you see on our website about each member is authenticated to the best of Lendbox's capabilities. For the same, we collect Personal, Professional, Social and Financial details from each potential member.

Once borrower and investors come to a mutual agreement, Lendbox will help them legalize the transaction by signing a formal contract. We make necessary provisions and help both parties realize the deal without the necessity of a physical meeting.

Once a loan is disbursed, we help investors with the collection and recovery of loans as per official guidelines of RBI for banks and financial institutions. Delay in repayment by borrowers draw a penalty that is pursued by Lendbox as part of the process.

We at Lendbox do not collect money deposits from either borrowers or investors. All monetary transactions are directly between the two parties.

Decisions to lend on Lendbox are entirely at the discretion of potential investors. We do not guarantee fixed or minimum rate of returns to any investor.

For further details, please read read Lendbox Term of use and Privacy policy

Lendbox does not give any financial advice or recommendations to either borrowers or investors on this platform. Members are encouraged to make their own researched and informed decisions and transact accordingly, free of any coercion or any form of influence from us.

If you have further queries, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Once registered, investors can reach out to listed borrowers and borrowers can reach out to registered investors. Once an offer is accepted, you receive a notification. Either of the user can approach each other.

Basic information such as Amount, expected rate of Interest and tenure is sent with the proposal.

When both parties accept the loan offer, the process of formal contract signing begins. After the loan is disbursed, investors will receive EMIs on the 10th of every month. If a borrower fails to pay an EMI within a stipulated time, a penalty is levied on the borrower which is payable to investors directly.

Lendbox encourages its user to use auto debits for repayments. However, fund transfers can also happen through Bank Cheques, IMPS, NEFT and other auto debits.

The funds are transferred directly between users. If PDCs are issued for repayment, they are directly issues in the name of the investors.

Lendbox also encourages its users to transfer money electronically from leading banks across the country.

In recent times, Lendbox has helped a lot of individuals to realize their dreams by serving their capital needs with complete integrity.

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