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RBI Registered NBFC P2P Platform

Portfolio Performance for Lendbox Loans

Average Return (%)

Quarter-wise returns for lenders are as follows

Investors on Lendbox enjoy healthy return for thier investments in P2P Loans through us.

Risk level in our platform

After doing rigorous checks on social, professional, financial and behavioral of the borrowrs, the accepted borrowers

are listed on the platform with risk rating as defined below:

A1 - A2

Very Low

A3 - B1


B2 - B3


C1 - C2


C3 - D1

Very High

D2 - D3

Extremely High

Loan Purpose

Lendbox gives consumer loans to salaried and self-employed professional and funds are majorly

used for personal purpose. Percentage split of various Loan Purpose is as follows:

Category wise portfolio performance/split

(As on undefined, 1970)

Risk Category Portfolio split % Default %

Portfolio performance as per age