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The year 2016 was witness to several historic incidents - demonetization and the election of Donald Trump as the US President being two of them. Both these moments brought about various economic repercussions whose effects were felt in the equity and financial markets across the globe.

With demonetization, the bond interest rates and the real estate market saw major fluctuations. The Presidential election, on the other hand, created a stir in world markets. With changes in the financial marketplace, do you know what 2017 has in store for you? What are the lucrative avenues to invest in and which ones to stay away from in 2017?

where to invest in 2017

Going to the fundamentals - Do you know what drives Investments? It is the inherent returns, obviously. All of us want to choose that investment avenue which is not only suitable for us but also bestows the highest profits and risk-adjusted returns. As such, there are various tried and tested investment classes which are popular among many of us. Let's have a closed view on few of them.

Best Investment Options For 2017 In India

P2P lending

Ever heard about the Peer-to-Peer lending platform? It is emerging as the most lucrative avenue of fixed income investment for majority of the investors. You can easily earn a return of 21% or more every year, receive monthly incomes and have no market risk. Isn't it amazing? Click here learn more

Stocks and shares

Stocks and shares have tremendous return potential which can multiply our investments manifold. However, with the return potential comes the inevitable market risk. The share prices fluctuate on a daily basis and this investment class is not for the faint-hearted.

Mutual Funds

Another popular investment class is mutual funds. Mutual funds promise market-linked returns but minimize the risks by having a diverse portfolio where shares of multiple companies are bought using the money received from investors. Mutual Funds are of various types.

Equity mutual funds give you good returns but are again subject to high market risk. Debt mutual funds are comparatively risk-free but the returns are low. ELSS schemes help in tax saving but keep the money locked-in for 3 years. Though mutual funds are a good investment choice, they come with long term commitments.

Bank Fixed Deposits

If you are looking for the safest investment avenue without any market risk, you can choose bank fixed deposits. Fixed deposits promise a fixed return which is based on the amount you invest and the period for which you hold your deposit.

Though they are safe, fixed deposits have certain drawbacks. They lock-in the money for the specified tenure and if you do premature withdrawals, you pay a penal interest. Also, the returns on Banks FDs are low.


You can also save in Public Provident Funds (PPF) or National Savings Certificates (NSC). Both these instruments promise a guaranteed rate of return and so carry no market risk. However, the returns are not very attractive. Liquidity is also a problem with these instruments as they have a certain lock-in period.

Wondering about the peer to peer lending? You must be, as it is relatively new compared to the earlier listed avenues. So, what makes it so beneficial? Apart from the obvious returns that you can earn from a P2P lending platform, there are other benefits as well. But before we talk about its benefits, let's understand what P2P lending is all about, shall we?

What is P2P lending?

Peer-to-Peer Lending is an online marketplace meant for individual borrowers and lenders. You, either as a lender, can find another individual who wants to borrow on the P2P platform. The P2P marketplace eliminates the need of banks or financial institutions as lenders. You as a lender can lend money to potential borrowers and earn returns through interest payments on your lending.

Why P2P lending is an attractive investment option?

As I mentioned earlier, P2P lending has many benefits which make it an ideal investment choice. Such benefits are listed below:

Great returns

The best part about P2P investing is the high returns it promises. When you lend money to borrowers, you can earn about 21% or more as interest on your investments. Which other investment promises such returns?

Returns are independent of market volatility

While shares and mutual funds also offer good returns, they are exposed to market risks. Your investments on P2P marketplace, on the contrary, have no market risks. Even when the share market is in turmoil, you can earn high returns through this platform.

You have the flexibility to choose your borrower

P2P platforms allow you, as an investor, to choose the borrower who you want to finance. Though the marketplace vets all the borrowers, you have the ultimate choice. You can thus, choose a borrower with a good credit rating which minimizes the default risk.

Aren't the benefits great? We, at Lendbox, extend these and more benefits when you register with us as an investor. We have an edge over other platforms when you think of investing in a P2P platform. We promise:

  • A strict filtering of borrowers so that your money is in safe hands.
  • Average interest rate of 21% to give you the highest possible returns from your investments.
  • Free registration where you can lend your money without paying any registration fee.
  • No limit on the salary income as required by other lending platforms.
  • Only 25% of the loan applications go live on Lendbox, increasing the chances of your money finding a safe to invest borrower.
  • A diversified borrower portfolio where you can choose a borrower as per your liking.
  • Support in collection of your dues if there is a default on part of the borrower.
  • A transparent processing system wherein you can negotiate with borrowers before you lend out your money.

Peer-to-peer lending is steadily becoming popular among masses because of the benefits, returns and monthly incomes. What are you waiting for? If you are looking for the most profitable investment avenues, look no further. P2P can give you the returns you desire.

We, at Lendbox, promise you great returns, verified borrowers and free registration. So, come, register yourself as an investor on Lendbox and reap the benefits of your investments through our P2P platform. Happy investing!

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