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Earn up to 12% in annual returns lending to India’s most creditworthy people.

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How it works

This is how your funds will earn you more per annum

how it works

When you invest with us, your capital is deployed across a highly curated and filtered list of alternate investment products

Your investment, your way

Flexible investment horizons

Fixed-term investment

Your investment will be locked in for the duration of your choosing, efficiently compounding your returns

Earn up to 11% per annum

Minimum tenure of 12 months

Minimum investment of ₹1 lakh, maximum ₹50L

No TDS on withdrawal

No Investment Fee

Monthly Interest Payout (Optional)

Flexi investment

For those who want to keep their money invested with adequate liquidity. You can withdraw your investment with interest anytime

Earn up to 9.5% per annum

Minimum investment of ₹50,000

No minimum tenure

No TDS on withdrawal

ZERO deposit or withdrawal charges

Daily Interest Credit



Investment Horizon



Maturity Amount


Get access to products previously inaccessible to India’s retail investors

Invest in a highly curated list of alternate assets, filtered through an unmatched risk mitigation mechanism by highly experienced professionals.

About Per Annum

Per Annum is building India’s largest platform for alternate and fixed income investments, unlocking a large basket of investment products previously unavailable to the Indian retail investor.

Our goal is to introduce the Indian retail investor to products beyond the age old, fixed income products which barely beat the prevailing inflation rate. It is time that the Indian investor gets access to products which are immune to the volatility of the stock markets all the while earning a healthy return of up to 9%-15%.

India's Next Break-through
Investment Product

Annual Returns
Risk Level
Per Annum

Up to 11%

Very Low

Very High

No Lock In (Flexi Plan)
12 Months (Fixed Plan)

Very Low

No TDS**



5 - 15%*



Depends On Scheme


Capital Gains



5 - 15%



Depends On Scheme


TDS Deducted



5 - 8%

Very Low


As Per Tenure


TDS Deducted



5 - 8%

Very Low - Medium

Very Low

5 - 10 Years


Capital Gains


**No TDS, income is to be declared by investor as Income from other sources.

*Historically 5-8% for Debt based funds and 10-15% for equity based funds.

Above mentioned data is sourced from reputed media publishers,

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Our Partners


Founded in Dec 2018 with the objective to simplify finance for a billion people, Navi has taken a technology-driven and customer-centric approach to launch products in the financial services space. It has served 5 lac+ customers across 8 states and an AUM of 1.3 thousand Cr.


Mobikwik, one of the largest mobile wallets and BNPL players in India, is an Esteemed Per Annum partner. Your capital is steered towards financing of Mobikwik BNPL products.


Khatabook aims to empower merchants by simplifying their business. Your investments will be utilised to help MSMEs go digital.


Branch International, has served 4M+ users across the world. It is expanding in India and will deploy your funds to deliver world-class financial services to the mobile generation.


Snapmint is an Online Shopping destination, providing innovative forms of credit to its users. You capital is steered towards financing of credit requirements.


Your investments are directed towards the financing of Working capital and personal loans issued by Rapipay, which is a leading digital banking platform.


Your capital is steered towards financing credit limits issued by UNI. The cards are issued to extremely creditworthy borrowers. The company ensures stringent screening of borrowers and helps in collection efforts.


Your investments are directed towards the financing of credit lines issued by Freopay, which is one of India’s leading fintech startups. Freopay ensures stringent screening and helps in collection efforts.

Capital Trust

Capital Trust intends to empower the underprivileged communities. Your capital will be deployed to provide business loans to micro entrepreneurs.

Any questions?

If you need help getting started, managing your portfolio or if you’re wondering whether Per Annum is the right choice for you, these frequently asked questions may help.

What is Per Annum?

Per Annum is an investing platform powered by RBI registered NBFC-P2P, Transactree Technologies Pvt Limited (referred as Lendbox) . At Per Annum, we enable lending to the top 2% of India’s most creditworthy people. Borrowers on Lendbox are sourced through our Tier 1 partners. These companies are top-order credit risk managers catering to those with unblemished repayment histories. Investments in Per Annum products earn interest income which the investors can choose to reinvest, take advantage of compounding or withdraw directly into their bank accounts.. Lendbox will invest the funds in different borrowers based on its algorithm and keep reinvesting repayments in new borrowers for optimizing the returns.

What risk mitigation measures does Per Annum have in place?

Per Annum is powered by NBFC-P2P Lendbox which follows best-in-industry underwriting practices with stringent cut-offs for credit scores as well as repayment history. On average, borrowers accepted for financing via Lendbox have a credit score of 700 or above with regular repayment histories spanning 5+ years. Our Partners, who aid us with loan collection in addition to risk assessment, also have on-ground fleets of collection agents in most of the cities. Alternative data, income and spending behaviour are other important parameters while assessing borrowers for Lendbox.

Does Per Annum guarantee my investments? What if there are delays or defaults?

No. In accordance with RBI master directions, Lendbox does not guarantee or provide any security for the investors’ returns. All investments are subject to actual repayment performance of the loan. All investments are subject to actual repayment performance of the loan. However, each and every loan is disbursed after stringent credit checks to ensure high quality loan portfolio. Lendbox has dedicated in-house collection team as well as tie-ups with authorized collection agencies to collect and recover the loans given out via Platform. They also have arrangement with their loan sourcing partners to collect the loans for us which gives an access to huge collection fleet in all major cities. With high quality borrowers coupled with string collection and recovery mechanism, our delay and defaults remain very low to ensure the expected returns are delivered to the investor

How can I withdraw my investment under the Flexi investment plan? Is this permitted under RBI regulations?

You will be able to request for withdrawal of your funds (principal and interest earned) from our app any time. After receiving your withdrawal request, our system queues up your ongoing investments to be ‘sold’ on the secondary market to other investors waiting to deploy their funds. In ideal conditions, this should only take up to few hours and the money will be credited to your account in a few working hours. Note that Lendbox is a P2P-NBFC and each transaction must be processed through our trustee-regulated escrow accounts. We are limited by banking holidays and trustee working hours. In the unlikely scenario that no investors are available to buy your investments, this process may take a few days. You will continue to earn interest until the day before funds are liquidated by selling the loans to other investor.